Hear from our mindful graduates

Katie Proudman

Program Director


“The most high-impact personal development experience of my life thus far.”

It provided a space for introspection and self-exploration, but I also received direct feedback from the other triad members. I felt like an important part of their development process as well and the connections we made were strong and will last far beyond the course. I have come out of the program with a newfound energy to seek growth in my career and in my personal relationships.

I still speak with my triad monthly, 18 months after graduation, without a facilitator. We have all made a conscious choice to remain engaged in the process and check-in, speak about practices, and provide support for one another in our own ventures. It has remained a valuable connection for all of us and even plan to meet in person to delve deeper into the triad curriculum.

Lyse Kong

Art Fine wedding photographer

France - Paris (summer) & Thailand - Pai (winter)

“You will learn to know yourself better”

You will learn to know yourself better, to communicate with people and how to build significance in your relationship. All of this to be able to see the beauty in your life and every situation which can be challenging to you.

Anna Roesler

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

Adelaide University, Adelaide Australia

“9 weeks of intensively looking at myself and getting to see the authentic me was thoroughly insightful”

I become more aware of how I put on a show, but that the show is not me, and that I can change this. Furthermore, It was useful to have the TeamUp readings, practices and videos each week, to give new inspiration and insight. The weekly calls were great, as they gave me an opportunity to talk in a safe place. I received feedback from others on the practices I was working on, and this enhanced my progress beyond working alone.”

Ramon (Ray) Rivera

President-Diamond Scientific


“Making the world a better place”

The Triad a collection of connected beings from different continents trying to make the world a better place.

Célicia Theys

Creative facilitator and project developer


“Deep transformative work”

Such deep transformative work, in such a flexible format!!! Excellent facilitator and we can feel the research behind the content, too… Love the “triad” concept and experience!

Jean-Louis Lamboray

Member of NGO Constellation


Life transitions

“This course can help you in achieving the transition you are in.”

Kate Greenslade

Producer, Freshly Made Films

London, UK

“I really feel a difference in how I react to certain things”

“I found the course really enlightening and having now had a few months for what I’ve learned to sink in I really feel a difference in how I react to certain things and think.”

Janice Pono

English Language Instructor

Chiang Mai, Thailand

“The course definitely helped in my personal growth”

I thought the course definitely helped in my personal growth which can be applied to my job as well as  personal relationships with family and friends….I would also add that it’s not the typical self-development, hippy-dippy life coaching workshops that I would NOT be interested in.

Chris Banyay

Machinist/Massage Therapist


“Brilliant way to connect with other human beings”

Its a brilliant way to connect with other human beings and a great platform for personal growth.

Caroline Spiro



“This course has helped me to focus better on the things I want to change”

That’s always the first step – the implementation is always up to us but the program gives a very clear strategy to help that happen.

Ruth Tadina

HND Manager / Teacher at an International School

Valencia, Spain

“At the end of it I do actually feel less stressed”

It helped me. At the end of it I do actually feel less stressed and eager to continue with some of the ideas!

Radhika Bangera

English tutor

Chennai, India

“I learnt to look into myself and try to understand why I feel what I feel”

I learnt to think before acting or reacting…and that I made wonderful new friends who, I hope, will remain friends for life!

Catelijne Coopmans

Director of Studies, Tembusu College, National University of Singapore


“It’s a well-crafted personal development course that help me live a better life”

It’s a well-crafted personal development course that works through its content and personal exercises, but also its regular meeting schedule, and the structured interactions and support provided in the triads. I found it helpful in giving time each week to reflection, to checking in with myself and to developing practices that help me live a better life.

Heidi Wilcoxon

Healthcare Consulting Director


“I’ve gotten so much out of it personally and professionally…”

Mindfulness creates space and calmness to manage and accept anything – I’m losing the ability to worry… I’ve gotten so much out of it personally and professionally… It’s a healthy way of being, to be fully present which allows for meaningful and authentic connections. I’ve learned to balance over-thinking with awareness of feeling and trust in my intuition. I can already see the positive impact on my life of the TeamUp program!

Sarah Ghan

Operations Manager


“This has helped me to improve communications that I have with others and overall well-being, including work-life balance.”

The highlight of the Team Up Triad Program has been its sustainable impact in my daily life.

In addition, being on this journey with a couple of other people, where there was genuine care in supporting each others’ development, was a unique and special experience. I valued hearing other people’s perspectives and feedback, and to learn from, and be challenged by, our collective insights.

Luca Turconi

Founder/ CEO of Management Consulting Firm


“I would highly recommend the Triad experience if you would like to have a clearer perception of your personality…”

I believe that being aware and being conscious of who we are, how we think, how we react to situations, emotions, news, people and experiences, is no longer “nice to have” but rather a must have if we are to make the most of life’s opportunities when they present themselves.

Emily Shenton

Director Educational Institute

United Kingdom

“The content and structure of the experience provide new insights which really shift performance.”

Over the years I have done many development courses. At the end of the course I am often energized, excited, full of good intentions and equipped with some actions. This feeling usually lasts a few days and then I find myself drifting back to old habits.

The triad coaching experience is different.

The longitudinal nature of the experience provides opportunity for ideas, new ways of thinking and practice to permeate into one’s unconscious mind.

8 weeks on from completing the formal experience I feel like quite a different person. I’m less stressed, I communicate and listen better and I’m happier! I’m also more effective. My team have noticed a difference and I’m able to use the tools and ideas to help my management team and in my relationships outside of work. The content is relevant to anyone at any stage of their career or life and the structure of group coaching calls really works.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Triad experience.

Amena Schlaikjer

Wellness Innovator


“The TeamUp experience was like planting a seed and joyfully watching it grow.”

I was highly impressed with the ability of our astute facilitator to hold a space for realization and reflection, offering helpful tools to withhold judgement, deep listen and learn our inner mechanisms for expansion. The level of self-awareness of my other Triad colleagues created a deep bond that is not expected in strangers. Each module offered itself up like a key to inner gifts to unwrap throughout the week to get in touch with the frames that shape our understanding of Self — it’s a necessary tool for anyone whether they are looking to lead in business or life with the tools to connect better.

Marco Amaral

Media Professional


“My gratitude is beyond words”

There are times in one’s life – if you’re fortunate enough – when someone wise comes in the middle of your road, looks at your roadmap, asks questions about the directions you’re taking, your geographical beliefs, and all of a sudden everything changes for you.

You’re not the same, and the road is not one but many, and you feel lost, and you even feel like going back to where you were, and your GPS is shut down for a while, your satellite looks like it’s spinning uncontrollably around the earth and about to crash in some forgotten desert, but you know intimately it’s only temporarily, that you’ re in fact upgrading the machine, and that you’re finding about your location and yourself more than you ever did. The Triad did that for me.

William Royston

Senior Teacher


“This experience was a wakeup call.”

For me, I was at a volatile state and this experience showed me that actually what I needed to do, was not diffuse or fix it, but step away and look at my life. It gave me an opportunity to see myself for who I really am.

This experience has helped me to be more gentle with myself and less harsh. I realized my patterns of thinking that I use on myself and how I expect the same from others. Now I know: It is what it is. I don’t have the power to change the world, but I can look after myself. Through this, I help other people, became a better father and a better husband.

The insights help me even on bad days. I have now that awareness to help me realize that it’s OK. The pressure is off. It has been lifted. I am more forgiving to myself.

The experience impacted my relationship with my wife. I am seeing my wife a lot more for who she is. That was an eye opener. I realized again to say thank you and I love you. For example, she recently got promoted. I sent her a long proud email to congratulate her. She felt really loved. I realized that I can be more lovable.

My whole life was me trying to be somebody else. I always aspired to not be myself. Now I see this and am dealing with that. I don’t have to worry anymore to be something different than I am. “

Alan Storey



“The course offers an opportunity to see how other’s personalities operate in the world”

The changes that I am making are becoming more aware of my thinking processes and observing the thoughts and feelings. I have a tendency to react to my feelings and create thoughts that try to define their origin and this starts a circle of thought that never seems to end.

Now I am meditating twice daily for 30 minutes, paying a lot of attention into slowing my mind down by breathing. I am trying to focus on the moment and observing the mind trying to keep me stuck in the past and future.

This experience was different in the aspect that it offers an opportunity to see how other’s personalities operate in the world. It gives me a base to work from in practicing different behaviors and thought patterns. It is endless in possibilities. What sold me in the beginning was Brian’s ability to not take life so seriously and how he laughed at every thing. I just knew that his personality was something that was very attractive to me. I wanted what he had.

It gives me a base for changing my priorities in my life from trying to find more activities that distract me from introspection into trying to find more peace.

Dorreke Peyenenburg



“Overall I found the experience to be a lot of fun”

It really strengthened my connection with my two friends and we are continuing the triad connection well after the course.

We keep catching each other when one goes into complaining, judging or blaming! Our Triad continues to be useful, nice and fun.

Nathalie Handley


United Kingdom

“…it’s been wonderful being able to apply the practices to my everyday life…”

My mother has always been a firm believer in doing everything in the present moment with full awareness. As such, I grew up observing the mysticism that surrounded me in regards to living a life in mindfulness…however I never fully delved into it nor understood the concept of living with conscious awareness, and what that entailed, until I actively instilled them in my practice through the Triad.

The experience provided me with a platform by which I could not only gain understanding about concepts such as being present, communicating vibrationally, listening to my intuition, etc, but also gave me insights into ways in which I could practice them, actively. In keeping up with my TRIAD group weekly, I was also able to share my experiences and learn from my TRIAD members undergoing such things alongside me.

Furthermore, it’s been wonderful being able to boost my productivity in my University studies but also to contribute to building significant relationships with those around me.

Maurice Pordon

E-commerce Manager


“Something that used to scare me, actually turns out to be a tremendous power.”

The idea to do coaching in the triad form works brilliant for me. We are becoming a real team in making this journey together.

What i have learned in the Triad is to tap in to my deeper emotions and needs.

The experience makes me aware of my self created barriers and the potential that can be released by being more mindful

The fact that this experience is online makes it accessible and effective. I don’t think that a real life alternative would have the same impact. And its fun too!:)

Marike L.



“It has given me new insights into how my thoughts affect my life”

I have experienced the Triad as very pleasant.

I also liked to actively work with some of the negative aspects in my life. I really enjoyed the facilitator and his enlightening way of looking at things and his insightful questions that made me shift perspective. The atmosphere during the call was fine.

I am glad to have done with my friends because I got to know them even better and noticed how we actually deal with similar issues in life. I certainly take this positive experience into my future!

Gaby Pagenhardt

Intercultural Trainer


“This experience was an eye-opener and a true heaven-sent for me.”

The Triad experience still amazes me. I really appreciated it. I could relate all the modules to my day-to-day work and practice.

In particular, it helped me a lot to deal with my work experience in China  and working with many different nationalities who have different feelings, thoughts and worldviews.

Normally I would relate a lot from the intellect.  Activating the heart feelings, and the intuition is not only wonderful but also very beneficial when it comes to decision making and important meetings.

The facilitator was great. The questions that he asked and the comments he made were really to the point. He pulled us back to what is happening right now and showed us how to relate the concepts we have learned, to our every day life.

The platform was very user-friendly and the  informal videos were like a fresh breeze. Some of the concepts presented were certainly not every-day stuff, but it was delivered in a way that was accessible. I will certainly go through the course again myself in more depth.

Antoinette Jackson

Business Owner


“The Triad was a rewarding experience”

A journey into myself, becoming further acquainted with the endless possibilities of who I can be.

The concept of neuroplasticity rang true and started to detangle the chains of who I thought I was or had to be. This together with the skills and activities learnt, really assisted me in filtering my needs and the needs of others, thus slowly improving my closer relationships.
Although it was difficult to identify my practice and then implement it during the Triad itself, it is actually now, weeks, months after, that my practices are being refined and organically changing.
I am able to observe more effectively and connect with what is underneath each of the practices I have been using.

I keep imagining an onion that I am peeling back the layers slowly, crying a bit as I go.

Anita Helman

English Teacher


“The courage to communicate in a healthier way”

The greatest lesson I learned through working with my Triad was that we can ask members of our community to help in our process. One personal example for me centers around approaching what feels like a ‘negative’ emotion with more openness, rather than internalizing it.

Also I realized that if I deal with ‘conflict’ more in the moment, I feel lighter and there is less of a risk of that conflict escalating into something larger, later.

Finally I realized that if we can make our friends and or family members aware of what we are practicing, regardless of which community we belong to, we can cultivate the courage to bring these practices into other areas of our lives.

May Storey



“I am calmer, happier, and more accepting.”

The experience of participating in the TeamUp triad was priceless for me. I am so grateful for the changes in my life as a result of this program. I learned so many life lessons and skills to be more aware and conscious, expanding the richness of my life. My relationships are more connected. Specifically, I was able to let go of my resentments in my marriage, transforming that relationship. My marriage is more united, loving, refreshed and renewed. In my opinion, TeamUp is a valuable gift for anyone, easy to understand, yet profound when practiced.

Justin Bedard

Business Owner


“It is a great process of raising consciousness”

The TeamUp Triad is a great process of raising consciousness of how you work with your own personality and and how that personality engages and impacts the world around you and your organization.

Susie Robbie

Social Investment Manager
Investec Bank

United Kingdom

“I consider myself very lucky to have had this experience”

I had been looking for the next step in my journey of self and leadership development for a while and I’m glad I chose this. The experience came highly recommended by an entrepreneur whom I work with and respect. The approach impressed me from the outset. Our facilitator, in particular, changed my outlook on life in a positive and lasting way.

Gabriela Moriarty

Artist & Poet


“I would say that everyone, which ever status, aspiration, gender, etc would benefit from the TeamUp triad”

It would make them more aware and most importantly more connected to other human beings. I also would say that if anyone wants to feel an unfathomed sense of gratitude in this life, joining this course is the key.”

Claudia von Sydow

Chemical Engineer, Management Executive Consultant


“I loved the connection between the 4 of us…”

And I loved how the topics were blooming and bringing us to reflexion!

To be the observer of ourselves and to integrate the practices in our daily life were very pleasant for me. How I perceive myself, how I communicate, how I feel the emotions rising, everything very challenging and rewarding.

Of course there is a long way for me to have the awareness we desire!!! But it was such a good start, that I will never be able to thank you enough for this opportunity!

The facilitator did great job and it was really a gift to be part of this group.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Carment Mas Martinez

Software Programmer


“For me the biggest thing has been the practice…”

For me the biggest thing has been the practice to try and remove judgement when dealing with other people or myself. This approach has made some difficult situations dealing with others easier and also has improved my self confidence by realising that much of the insecurity comes from judgement/comparison to others and by allowing myself to be unique.

Gaétane Gilliot

Trainer in Mindfulness MBSR


“It’s also easier to share with people you don’t know and who are not in the same place.”

It has been a great experience just to know that all around the world we have the same challenges, the same issues. I have learned a lot about myself also as I followed it in a difficult moment of my life. I’ve learned that my sadness came from fear of the future and my fear of lacking something. Thanks to my inspiring triad members who reflected that without knowing it. I’ve loved the simplicity and the humility of the facilitator. He really created a safe space to share.

Ana Rosa Lara


“The triad enabled me to meet wonderful people that radiate beautiful energy.”

The triad has been an enlightening experience for me. It has definitely made me think of my perspective on life. It has brought to focus, once more, the importance of awareness. The module of emotions will stay with me for endless time. I believe we all in the triad fed from each other’s energy, and that felt good to everyone, I’m sure. Thank you for this unique opportunity!

Tae Abion

President, SpiceWorx Consultancy, Inc.


“If you have any specific challenge or change you desire to make, the course will be a powerful catalyst to help you in that endeavor.”

I loved the experience so much!
I was able to discipline myself to spare 90 min every Monday for 9 weeks to join the session because it was not only about me but two other Triad mates and the coach.

Triad program is very well designed to keep the participants engaged, to encourage and invite intrinsic desire and motivation to change, to instill slow but sure change one step at a time, to integrate every single step by step learning at the last module. Triad program also taught me quite a lot about neuro-scientific facts about our brain.

Joining Triad was one of the best decision I ever made in my life. Change does not occur overnight. Not even after 9 weeks of triad, the change was not dramatic. But Triad helped me become conscious of what small changes I could make to become a better me, and Triad pushed my back to start practicing those small changes I would not have started, had I not join the program. Continuing small changes you started makes difference. Slowly.

Because I joined Triad, I started meditating more regularly, I consciously create time for doing nothing but being, I observe whether my emotion is expanding or contracting, I write gratitude journal, I take selfie picture with my daughter and edit it to add what she is grateful for that day, I try to listen to the vibrational level message when I talk to my husband, and I tell my friends how I loved the experience with Triad.

Jennilea Hortop



“This experience should be a prerequisite to life as an adult.”

Everyone will benefit from taking this program. It really helps you to understand your personality and why you react in specific ways. It also helps you to be more mind-full and present in your daily life.

Ellen Loasby


Shanghai, China

“I found sharing this experience with two more participants and one facilitator very enjoyable and helpful. “

I really enjoyed the experience! To me the course was like unwrapping a present, looking with curiosity at what’s inside, item by item, understanding it and seeing how I could apply it in my life. Very real, practical and full of substance and significance. I found sharing this experience with two more participants and one facilitator very enjoyable and helpful. Great idea!

Ivy Krystel Hapitan

Yoga Teacher and Community Engagement Consultant


“This work is real – it can be seen and felt.”

This is a unique program on personal growth that integrates mindfulness practice. As we allow ourselves to dive deep every week, we witness ourselves gradually grow and evolve.

Nikki Willemen

Yoga Teacher


“The triad was a safe space to be really honest and open and, most importantly, heard – quite a rare thing to find!”

It offered me new perspectives and continues to give me lots of food for thought. Our facilitator was wonderful, incredibly sensitive, intelligent and insightful.

Stefanie Irl

Business Owner


“This is yoga for the mind. The real practice.”

A beautiful journey to get to know yourself even more.

Beatriz Garcia

Ontological, Somatic, Executive and Transpersonal Coach


“I learn to be more conscious and to really use mindfulness in my daily life”

It was an experience in which I mirror myself in a very deep and transparent way in front of other 2 that were doing the same… and we support each other towards our evolution and development… I learn to be more conscious and to really use mindfulness in my daily life

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