Meet the team at TeamUp

We are a bunch of individuals from different countries, with diverse backgrounds and one thing we do share is a passion for mindfulness and the idea that supporting each other to be more conscious is what enables us to be better at things that  matter so we can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

You see the great thing about becoming more conscious is that you start to see the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and you suddenly have the freedom to change them. And the amazing thing about embarking on your mindfulness journey as a team is that it’s often others that can help you become aware of those patterns that are holding you back and can give you the support to change them.

“Through TeamUp we’re building a world wide community of like-minded individuals that share our passion for becoming more mindful and in so doing making the world a happier, healthier and more conscious place.”
Gaston Schmitz
Co Founder/ CEO of TeamUp

The Team


co founder and wise sage

To list all of the things Brian has done in his life before co founding TeamUp would take this whole website…

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co founder and big boss man

Seriel meditator and mindfulness practitioner Gaston is the co founder of TeamUp.

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marketing guy

Aaron, originally from London, spent most of his career in advertising and media…

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spread the excitement guy

Poncho, originally from Mexico, started his career in the world of marketing…

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in charge of sharing

Laurence, from Belgium, has dedicated her life to teaching, inspiring and helping others…

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