Watch co-founder Brian Bauerle explain our TeamUp Triad Coaching Program:

How does TeamUp Triad coaching work

Once you sign up you’ll be professionally matched with 2 participants (most likely from other countries because it’s much more interesting that way) and a trained facilitator. This is your Triad.

After an initial one on one call with your facilitator you’ll meet each week for 90 minutes for a total of 9 weeks via Skype or Facetime.

Between your meetings you’ll be inspired by great videos, insightful content and exercises covering a range of subjects including understanding the way you think, behave and learn, working with your emotions, improving communication and developing your intuition.

You will literally become conscious of those behaviours that are holding you back in life and you'll learn how to develop real and tangible strategies to change them.

The program happens in real time – so you get to put into practice what you learn immediately. Let's say next week you have a difficult conversation with your boss or partner…you’ll develop a new way to approach the situation and then share how it went with your Triad team.

Your Triad team will motivate and support you…they’ll call you out when you’re cheating yourself and cheer on your successes.

And over the course of 9 weeks you’ll actually create new habits that last, because it’s enough time for you to start to change some of the neural pathways within your brain. In fact, 90% of TeamUp graduates report still practicing their new behaviours a full 12 months after completing the program (there is a reason why we love brain plasticity).

“I consider myself very lucky to have had this experience. I had been looking for the next step in my journey of self and leadership development for a while and I’m glad I chose this. The approach impressed me from the outset. Our facilitator, in particular, changed my outlook on life in a positive and lasting way."
Susie Robbie
Social Investment Manager
Investec Bank
United Kingdom

The program includes


14 hours of live interactive coaching


3 skillfully selected participants


A dedicated Certified Facilitator


A private forum to connect with your Triad


9 modules of cutting edge content


A full year's access to the Triad platform


A schedule customized to your lifestyle


The freedom to participate from anywhere


Exclusive membership in a Facebook Triad community

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Poncho Cottier, TeamUp Coach