“The content and structure of the experience provide new insights which really shift performance.”

Over the years I have done many development courses. At the end of the course I am often energized, excited, full of good intentions and equipped with some actions. This feeling usually lasts a few days and then I find myself drifting back to old habits.

The triad coaching experience is different.

The longitudinal nature of the experience provides opportunity for ideas, new ways of thinking and practice to permeate into one’s unconscious mind.

8 weeks on from completing the formal experience I feel like quite a different person. I’m less stressed, I communicate and listen better and I’m happier! I’m also more effective. My team have noticed a difference and I’m able to use the tools and ideas to help my management team and in my relationships outside of work. The content is relevant to anyone at any stage of their career or life and the structure of group coaching calls really works.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Triad experience.

Director Educational Institute
United Kingdom


“The most high-impact personal development experience of my life thus far.”

It provided a space for introspection and self-exploration, but I also received direct feedback from the other triad members. I felt like an important part of their development process as well and the connections we made were strong and will last far beyond the course. I have come out of the program with a newfound energy to seek growth in my career and in my personal relationships.

I still speak with my triad monthly, 18 months after graduation, without a facilitator. We have all made a conscious choice to remain engaged in the process and check-in, speak about practices, and provide support for one another in our own ventures. It has remained a valuable connection for all of us and even plan to meet in person to delve deeper into the triad curriculum.

Program Director, Thailand.


“I am calmer, happier, and more accepting.”

The experience of participating in the TeamUp triad was priceless for me. I am so grateful for the changes in my life as a result of this program. I learned so many life lessons and skills to be more aware and conscious, expanding the richness of my life. My relationships are more connected. Specifically, I was able to let go of my resentments in my marriage, transforming that relationship. My marriage is more united, loving, refreshed and renewed. In my opinion, TeamUp is a valuable gift for anyone, easy to understand, yet profound when practiced.



“This experience was an eye-opener and a true heaven-sent for me.”

The Triad experience still amazes me. I really appreciated it. I could relate all the modules to my day-to-day work and practice.

In particular, it helped me a lot to deal with my work experience in China and working with many different nationalities who have different feelings, thoughts and worldviews.

Normally I would relate a lot from the intellect. Activating the heart feelings, and the intuition is not only wonderful but also very beneficial when it comes to decision making and important meetings.

The facilitator was great. The questions that he asked and the comments he made were really to the point. He pulled us back to what is happening right now and showed us how to relate the concepts we have learned, to our everyday life.

The platform was very user-friendly and the informal videos were like a fresh breeze. Some of the concepts presented were certainly not every-day stuff, but it was delivered in a way that was accessible. I will certainly go through the course again myself in more depth.

Intercultural Trainer


“This has helped me to improve communications that I have with others and overall well-being, including work-life balance.”

The highlight of the Team Up Triad Program has been its sustainable impact in my daily life.

In addition, being on this journey with a couple of other people, where there was genuine care in supporting each other’s development, was a unique and special experience. I valued hearing other people’s perspectives and feedback, and to learn from, and be challenged by, our collective insights.

Operations Manager, Australia/Switzerland


“It is such a gift to be able to help others and to be helped.”

Anna has a background in health, wellness and behaviour change, supporting individuals and groups to make health and wellness changes in their life. Anna completed her PhD in the field of nutrition and qualified as a dietitian. She has worked with a range of organisations including NGOs. In 2009 Anna worked overseas as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development and spent a year with an NGO in Nepal. She worked on maternal and child nutrition, spending time in remote villages. Anna spent a number of years in Thailand focusing on infant and young child feeding beliefs and practices – collaborating with the international NGO – the World Agroforestry Centre. Recently Anna spent 6 months researching mindful eating in Japan, specifically looking into factors affecting mindful eating. In addition Anna has also been involved in facilitating experiential education activities through JUMP! And providing laughter yoga to the elderly at BUPA aged care.

Anna enjoys keeping herself busy with a range of activities, including beach swimming, ultimate frisbee, yoga and travelling. Anna lives an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle and cycles from place to place as one of these activities.


“I consider myself very lucky to have had this experience.”

I had been looking for the next step in my journey of self and leadership development for a while and I’m glad I chose this. The experience came highly recommended by an entrepreneur whom I work with and respect. The approach impressed me from the outset. Our facilitator, in particular, changed my outlook on life in a positive and lasting way.

Social Investment Manager, London.


“This experience was a wakeup call.”

For me, I was at a volatile state and this experience showed me that actually what I needed to do, was not diffuse or fix it, but step away and look at my life. It gave me an opportunity to see myself for who I really am.

This experience has helped me to be more gentle with myself and less harsh. I realized my patterns of thinking that I use on myself and how I expect the same from others. Now I know: It is what it is. I don’t have the power to change the world, but I can look after myself. Through this, I help other people, became a better father and a better husband.

The insights help me even on bad days. I have now that awareness to help me realize that it’s OK. The pressure is off. It has been lifted. I am more forgiving to myself.

The experience impacted my relationship with my wife. I am seeing my wife a lot more for who she is. That was an eye opener. I realized again to say thank you and I love you. For example, she recently got promoted. I sent her a long proud email to congratulate her. She felt really loved. I realized that I can be more lovable.

My whole life was me trying to be somebody else. I always aspired to not be myself. Now I see this and am dealing with that. I don’t have to worry anymore to be something different than I am.

Senior Teacher, Singapore