“The courage to communicate in a healthier way”

The greatest lesson I learned through working with my Triad was that we can ask members of our community to help in our process. One personal example for me centers around approaching what feels like a ‘negative’ emotion with more openness, rather than internalizing it.

Also, I realized that if I deal with ‘conflict’ more in the moment, I feel lighter and there is less of a risk of that conflict escalating into something larger, later.

Finally, I realized that if we can make our friends and or family members aware of what we are practicing, regardless of which community we belong to, we can cultivate the courage to bring these practices into other areas of our lives.

English Teacher


“The course definitely helped in my personal growth”

I thought the course definitely helped in my personal growth which can be applied to my job as well as personal relationships with family and friends… I would also add that it’s not the typical self-development, hippy-dippy life coaching workshops that I would NOT be interested in.

English Language Instructor
Chiang Mai, Thailand