“This has helped me to improve communications that I have with others and overall well-being, including work-life balance.”

The highlight of the Team Up Triad Program has been its sustainable impact in my daily life.

In addition, being on this journey with a couple of other people, where there was genuine care in supporting each other’s development, was a unique and special experience. I valued hearing other people’s perspectives and feedback, and to learn from, and be challenged by, our collective insights.

Operations Manager, Australia/Switzerland


“I found sharing this experience with two more participants and one facilitator very enjoyable and helpful. “

I really enjoyed the experience! To me the course was like unwrapping a present, looking with curiosity at what’s inside, item by item, understanding it and seeing how I could apply it in my life. Very real, practical and full of substance and significance. I found sharing this experience with two more participants and one facilitator very enjoyable and helpful. Great idea!

Shanghai, China


“For me the biggest thing has been the practice…”

For me the biggest thing has been the practice to try and remove judgement when dealing with other people or myself. This approach has made some difficult situations dealing with others easier and also has improved my self-confidence by realising that much of the insecurity comes from judgement/comparison to others and by allowing myself to be unique.

Software Programmer


“I loved the connection between the four of us…”

And I loved how the topics were blooming and bringing us to reflection!

To be the observer of ourselves and to integrate the practices in our daily life were very pleasant for me. How I perceive myself, how I communicate, how I feel the emotions rising, everything very challenging and rewarding.

Of course, there is a long way for me to have the awareness we desire!!! But it was such a good start, that I will never be able to thank you enough for this opportunity!

The facilitator did great job and it was really a gift to be part of this group.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chemical Engineer
Management Executive Consultant


“It has given me new insights into how my thoughts affect my life”

I have experienced the Triad as very pleasant.

I also liked to actively work with some of the negative aspects in my life. I really enjoyed the facilitator and his enlightening way of looking at things and his insightful questions that made me shift perspective. The atmosphere during the call was fine.

I am glad to have done with my friends because I got to know them even better and noticed how we actually deal with similar issues in life. I certainly take this positive experience into my future!



“Something that used to scare me, actually turns out to be a tremendous power.”

The idea to do coaching in the triad form works brilliant for me. We are becoming a real team in making this journey together.

What I have learned in the Triad is to tap in to my deeper emotions and needs.

The experience makes me aware of my self-created barriers and the potential that can be released by being more mindful .

The fact that this experience is online makes it accessible and effective. I don’t think that a real-life alternative would have the same impact. And it’s fun too!:)

E-commerce Manager


“The course offers an opportunity to see how other’s personalities operate in the world”

The changes that I am making are becoming more aware of my thinking processes and observing the thoughts and feelings. I have a tendency to react to my feelings and create thoughts that try to define their origin and this starts a circle of thought that never seems to end.

Now I am meditating twice daily for 30 minutes, paying a lot of attention into slowing my mind down by breathing. I am trying to focus on the moment and observing the mind trying to keep me stuck in the past and future.

This experience was different in the aspect that it offers an opportunity to see how other’s personalities operate in the world. It gives me a base to work from in practicing different behaviors and thought patterns. It is endless in possibilities. What sold me in the beginning was Brian’s ability to not take life so seriously and how he laughed at everything. I just knew that his personality was something that was very attractive to me. I wanted what he had.

It gives me a base for changing my priorities in my life from trying to find more activities that distract me from introspection into trying to find more peace.



“My gratitude is beyond words”

There are times in one’s life – if you’re fortunate enough – when someone wise comes in the middle of your road, looks at your roadmap, asks questions about the directions you’re taking, your geographical beliefs, and all of a sudden everything changes for you.

You’re not the same, and the road is not one but many, and you feel lost, and you even feel like going back to where you were, and your GPS is shut down for a while, your satellite looks like it’s spinning uncontrollably around the earth and about to crash in some forgotten desert, but you know intimately it’s only temporarily, that you’re in fact upgrading the machine, and that you’re finding about your location and yourself more than you ever did. The Triad did that for me.

Media Professional, Portugal/Mexico