“This experience was an eye-opener and a true heaven-sent for me.”

The Triad experience still amazes me. I really appreciated it. I could relate all the modules to my day-to-day work and practice.

In particular, it helped me a lot to deal with my work experience in China and working with many different nationalities who have different feelings, thoughts and worldviews.

Normally I would relate a lot from the intellect. Activating the heart feelings, and the intuition is not only wonderful but also very beneficial when it comes to decision making and important meetings.

The facilitator was great. The questions that he asked and the comments he made were really to the point. He pulled us back to what is happening right now and showed us how to relate the concepts we have learned, to our everyday life.

The platform was very user-friendly and the informal videos were like a fresh breeze. Some of the concepts presented were certainly not every-day stuff, but it was delivered in a way that was accessible. I will certainly go through the course again myself in more depth.

Intercultural Trainer

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