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Increasing engagement and fulfilment

Mindfulness coaching for business

One of the most prevalent challenges in organizations and business’s today, is the ability to maintain and motivate a team of creative, confident and dedicated individuals who know how to manage stress, communicate effectively both internally and externally, and can skilfully manage projects and people.

Key to achieving this is having genuinely engaged employees who really want to make a difference.

We believe that successful organisations of the future need to enable employees to generate that intrinsic engagement themselves and then align it with the direction and values of the organisation.

The TeamUp Coaching program on mindfulness for business is based on 30 years of coaching senior business leaders from around the world. It’s designed to help individuals and teams better deal with the inevitable day-to-day challenges of the working environment. We help organizations increase employee engagement and in so doing improve productivity, reduce people turnover and increase an overall sense of wellbeing.

Hear how our TeamUp Coaching Program can help your organisation improve productivity, reduce people turnover and increase employee welbeing.

Going beyond your regular mindfulness program

How does it work? – Mindfulness Coaching for business

The TeamUp coaching program is a 9 module online program taken over 9 weeks involving three employees, ideally from different departments and a professionally trained facilitator. Each week participants receive cutting edge content based on 30 years of executive coaching experience.

This group of four people meet every week, via Skype/Phone or face to face for 90 minutes to discuss, support and implement the changes they want to make. The small group format builds peer-coaching skills and establishes accountability. The online environment increases their ability to communicate and read non verbals in the virtual world.


A few key benefits

 Behavioural Change

Individuals choose behaviours that they want to work on and then get the support needed to make those changes real.

 Network Collaboration

Individuals work with two others within the organisation often from different departments.

 Skill Development

Individuals learn peer-to-peer coaching skills, how to give and receive feedback and improve communication.

Increased wellbeing & engagement - Mindfulness Coaching for Business


Leading universities/ Not for Profits/ Fortune500 companies

Individuals from many organisations have benefited from the TeamUp program

  •   My boss noticed a significant shift in my ability to receive feedback and work with change. I am constantly recommending the course to those around me, as it truly stands out as a unique experience for me, it has been life changing. 

    Susannah Llewellyn
    Business agency Leader
    Fortune 100 Digital Company

  •   The idea of developing personal practices was introduced during the program, and this has been pivotal in helping me to improve communications that I have with others, as well as overall well-being, including work-life balance. 

    Sarah Ghan
    Operations Manager

  •   This experience has helped me take a substantial leap as a leader at a critical juncture in my organization’s growth, as well as my own career growth. I highly recommend this to anyone serious about making a positive change to their own lives, their organization, and to their relationships. 

    David Esteban
    Director Marketing and Projects

  •   I’m less stressed, I communicate and listen better and I’m happier! I’m also more effective. 

    Emily Shenton
    Director Educational Institute
    United Kingdom

  •   5 of our management level JUMPers are running through triads now. It’s been impactful for our team and people are seeing great results from it. It is now part of our new staff wellbeing onboarding program. 

    Justin Bedard
    Business Owner

Just a few of the organizations we’ve partnered with

Overview of the weekly modules

  • Week 1Module 1    
    Learn 10 techniques to deal with common communication challenges.
  • Week 2 Module 2
    Create the next level of awareness of self, others and the environment.
  • Week 3 Module3
    Understand your own autopilot and its limitations.

  • Week 4 Module4
    Learn how to go beyond autopilot and develop flexibility and adaptability.
  • Week 5 Module5
    Develop your EQ and learn how to deal with strong emotions that limit you today.
  • Week 6 Module6
    Expansion vs Contraction
    Learn a simple technique to assess your own state as well as the state of others and the environment.

  • Week 7 Module7
    Learn how to access and interpret all levels of communication.
  • Week 8 Module8
    Learn techniques to make decisions around complex problems. Go beyond vested interests.
  • Week 9 Module 9
    Integrate and impact others.

working with Faculty and undergraduates at the National University of Singapore


9 measured facets
(defined by NUS)

% change

A study was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the TeamUp program with a number of students at the National University of Singapore. Positive and significant shifts were measured against key attributes including Self Awareness, Ability to Deal with Stress, Productivity, Confidence, Communication skills, Creativity, Learning Agility and Clarity of Purpose. For more details of the research and the methodology click here.

We were impressed by TeamUp’s dedication and with the skillful coordination of this complex program which involved bringing together people of different cultures, nationalities and age groups across multiple locations. We would highly recommend TeamUp as a leading authority in mindfulness work.
– Crystal Lim, Director of Future Ready Graduates, National University of Singapore

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  • Connector.Connector.

    Part of an individual employee coaching program

    Use TeamUp to increase employee engagement and fulfillment

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    Part of a culture and collaboration change program

    Use TeamUp to build positive, proactive and collaborative teams

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    Part of a co-funded well being program

    Offer TeamUp as a unique company benefit part-funded by the employee and part-funded by the organisation

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