“…it’s been wonderful being able to apply the practices to my everyday life…”

My mother has always been a firm believer in doing everything in the present moment with full awareness. As such, I grew up observing the mysticism that surrounded me in regards to living a life in mindfulness…however I never fully delved into it nor understood the concept of living with conscious awareness, and what that entailed, until I actively instilled them in my practice through the Triad.

The experience provided me with a platform by which I could not only gain understanding about concepts such as being present, communicating vibrationally, listening to my intuition, etc., but also gave me insights into ways in which I could practice them, actively. In keeping up with my TRIAD group weekly, I was also able to share my experiences and learn from my TRIAD members undergoing such things alongside me.

Furthermore, it’s been wonderful being able to boost my productivity in my University studies but also to contribute to building significant relationships with those around me.

United Kingdom

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