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More than 40 mindfully trained facilitators from all over the world.

I’ve just completed part of the intensive TeamUp facilitator training in Chiangmai Thailand and I’ve been blown away! By comparison my previous coaching qualifications have been like riding a bike…the TeamUp facilitator training was like being given the keys to the rocket ship.
– Pete Gable, Executive coach and integrated therapist

our acclaimed, highly experiential training program.

you’ll be in good hands

If you do decide to join one of our TeamUp coaching programs you can be sure you’ll be in good hands. Past graduates have, on average, scored our facilitators 93% for their knowledge and experience and 94% for their ability to communicate effectively (based on 675 graduates).

Meet a few of our amazing TeamUp coaching facilitators all of whom have gone through our acclaimed, highly experiential training program.

Our facilitators come from a diverse range of backgrounds and countries. They share a passion for mindfulness and a real desire to hold space and support others on their transformational journey.

If any of you are interested in becoming a TeamUp facilitator and developing a coaching approach that’s rooted in mindfulness, intuitive communication and 30 years of leadership coaching then please get in touch.

Garima Deveshwar Bahl

I am constantly reminded of the power of vulnerability and how it frees each of us.

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Boris Alberda

I slowly came to the realisation that continuous practice will get you anywhere you want to go.

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Jody Cicolini

I see the difference that kindness, acceptance and compassion in the group makes on individuals.

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Michael Bartura

I’m always touched by the level of acceptance and support the group offers to each other.

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Dinah Salonga    

This experience has the ability to transform a life in the most simple yet profound way!

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Nancy Martin

I enjoy holding space so that natural wisdom can arise.

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Luise Jørgensen   

I am inspired by seeing the growth and deep connection between the participants

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Ilka Burnham King

It’s a beautiful gift to witness, or be present to, someone’s lightness being born from their darkness!

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Fla Geyser

I am ever amazed by the personal transformation and healing that takes place when feelings are shared so openly.

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Sujata Kumra

I truly enjoy stimulating reflection and vision for others.

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Krista Munkres    

The power of the triad lies in the shared experience of the participants.

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Andrew Bowden

Its a real privilege to help facilitate participants’ growth, understanding and supportive connection with each other.

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Troy McFadden    

Being fully present for others as they undergo transformation is an honor that warms my heart and delights my soul.

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Andrew Rivin

Participating in a Triad is a seriously playful and mindful dance which blends ancient wisdom with modern technology, inspiring love and creativity.

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Reuben Lowe    

Come join us and be a part of the change that is taking place to improve the world .

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Sarah Ghan    

It’s incredible to feel the appreciation amongst participants when they know people are really listening.

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Andrea Dobinsky      

The TeamUp Program offers what school and parents often forgot to teach us.

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Jelena Acanski     

It’s an amazing journey where a group of people spend time in introspection and self-exploration and, with each other’s support, make transitions in their lives in a conscious way.

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Katie Proudman     

I am passionate about facilitating change and growth processes with individuals and groups.

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Kamonawan (Nok) Khamching     

It’s amazing to witness a powerful group dynamic in safe and supporting space that has a profound impact on personal growth and transformation of each participant.

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Anna Roesler    

It is such a gift to be able to help others and to be helped.

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Madhu Malhotra

I am passionate about enabling transformation in lived realities of self & others.

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