“If you have any specific challenge or change you desire to make, the course will be a powerful catalyst to help you in that endeavor.”

I loved the experience so much! I was able to discipline myself to spare 90 min every Monday for nine weeks to join the session because it was not only about me but two other Triad mates and the coach.

Triad program is very well designed to keep the participants engaged, to encourage and invite intrinsic desire and motivation to change, to instill slow but sure change one step at a time, to integrate every single step by step learning at the last module. Triad program also taught me quite a lot about neuro-scientific facts about our brain.

Joining Triad was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Change does not occur overnight. Not even after nine weeks of triad, the change was not dramatic. But Triad helped me become conscious of what small changes I could make to become a better me, and Triad pushed me to start practicing those small changes. I would not have started, had I not joined the program.

Because I joined Triad, I started meditating more regularly, I consciously create time for doing nothing but being, I observe whether my emotion is expanding or contracting, I write gratitude journal, I take selfie picture with my daughter and edit it to add what she is grateful for that day, I try to listen to the vibrational level message when I talk to my husband, and I tell my friends how I loved the experience with Triad.

President, SpiceWorx Consultancy, Inc.

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