“Being fully present for others as they undergo transformation is an honor that warms my heart and delights my soul.”

Having enjoyed an eclectic and service-oriented life that includes a career as an entrepreneur—investing in small businesses, founding healing centers in Asia, and establishing yoga studios in the US—Troy currently owns and operates The School of Sacred Arts, offering teacher trainings and retreats around the world, in addition to his coaching work with ALIC, TeamUp and “Wisdom Warrior Coaching” his private practice.

Since majoring in Cultural Anthropology, Troy has traveled the globe absorbing and studying human cultures—in particular their spiritual belief systems—always looking for the universal elements involved in how humans connect with higher consciousness. Long Buddhist meditation retreats, deep immersions in shamanic ceremonies, and solo wilderness vision quests have all brought him to the same realization: “At a certain point in our evolution, it becomes obvious that we are here to serve all beings who cross our path, in the best way we can, in every moment possible”.

Learning and growth, any kind of positive, effective change—whether personal, organizational, or global—requires strength, courage, persistence, flexibility, quality self-care and a deep connection to our highest ideals and guiding principles. Since we need each other to achieve our aims, we also need the skills required to communicate and collaborate in respectful, harmonious and otherwise mindful ways, taking full responsibility for our internal dynamics and our external actions. Knowing that others are just “being who they are” and that the world “is what it is” it’s up to us as individuals and organizations to respond and navigate accordingly.

Viewing TeamUp Triads as “high-minded, heartfelt and inspiring mini-summits” that he hosts, Troy brings warmth, wisdom, humor, and a deep respect for all involved into both his group work and private coaching.

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