“This experience was a wakeup call.”

For me, I was at a volatile state and this experience showed me that actually what I needed to do, was not diffuse or fix it, but step away and look at my life. It gave me an opportunity to see myself for who I really am.

This experience has helped me to be more gentle with myself and less harsh. I realized my patterns of thinking that I use on myself and how I expect the same from others. Now I know: It is what it is. I don’t have the power to change the world, but I can look after myself. Through this, I help other people, became a better father and a better husband.

The insights help me even on bad days. I have now that awareness to help me realize that it’s OK. The pressure is off. It has been lifted. I am more forgiving to myself.

The experience impacted my relationship with my wife. I am seeing my wife a lot more for who she is. That was an eye opener. I realized again to say thank you and I love you. For example, she recently got promoted. I sent her a long proud email to congratulate her. She felt really loved. I realized that I can be more lovable.

My whole life was me trying to be somebody else. I always aspired to not be myself. Now I see this and am dealing with that. I don’t have to worry anymore to be something different than I am.

Senior Teacher, Singapore

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